PCV (PSV) Minibus

Important information

If you had entitlement to drive cars prior to 1 January 1997 you can drive a minibus provided you are 21 or over and the minibus has a maximum of 17 seats including the driver’s seat and is not being used for hire or reward.To drive a minibus which has nine or more passenger seats for hire or reward you will normally need passenger carrying vehicle entitlement (PCV). To obtain this you must meet higher medical standards and take a further driving test.

Teachers, youth leaders, taxi drivers and ambulance drivers are particularly affected by the change in licencing legislation.

Your course

This course is for drivers who want to upgrade their car licence to enable them to drive a Class D1 (minibus).
The ideal way of learning to drive an minibus is by attending a block course of training. This allows us to structure the course to meet your individual requirements.. Our aim is to gradually develop your skills and knowledge over the prescribed period of training enabling you to reach test standard by the completion of the course
Surepass is able to offer courses flexible in duration for those individuals who feel that they need a longer course.

The driver training course will include:

  • On the road driving tuition
  • Manoeuvring exercises

Driving Test

Your driving test will be booked for you and will normally take place on the final day of your course. The test will be carried out at a local Department of Transport Test Centre. A written report will be given to you at the end of the test.
Eligible candidates must be:

  • Aged 18+
  • Full driving licence
  • In possession of a valid provisional D1 entitlement
  • Physically fit
Special Packages (inc vat) Medical Theory Test Driving Test Inc VAT & Deposit Theory Test Driving Test Inc VAT & Deposit Driving Test Inc VAT & Deposit
£259 Deposit £199 Deposit £124 Deposit
16 Hour (2 Day) Minibus Course (D1) £1087 £1027 £952